Killing Floor Co-Op Survival Horror

Zombies in Space!

by on Dec.13, 2012, under News

Yes, we have Zeds in space. New Moonbase map for you – killing the undead in low gravity! There is the new Schneidzekk Medic Gun for all the healers-who-like-to-kill out there. Scattered around the map you’ll find the pieces of the Z.E.D. Gun – collect them all to be able to zap the Zeds – and catch them in the guns secondary stasis field. And for some really great Zed-battering, you can get the Dwarfs!? Axe. Simply download the free-to-play version of Dwarfs!? (, collect a total of 40,000 gold in the game and earn the “Not a war-hammer” achievement to unlock the Axe. Or take the shortcut and buy the full version of Dwarfs!? ( If you already own Dwarfs!? you should be good to go anyway!

Plus all the old Christmas favorites, new achievements, old achievements, unlock Bad Santa – and more!

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